Our Garden Almanac - May 27, 2017 - Harvest Fun

Our Garden Almanac - May 27, 2017 - Harvest Fun

Our Garden Almanac - May 27, 2017 - Harvest Fun

It's Memorial Day Weekend, and what a great way to start it!  Looking out the window at our front yard, there is a strange motion going on in the deer netting around our blueberry bushes.  Those darn squirrels are at it again!  It must be time to pick blueberries before they do it for us.  Actually last weekend we took in a pretty good haul, but as we've looked at the ripening berries during the intervening work week, we've been anticipating a great haul this weekend.  And our expectations have been well met.

The most valuable thing from this morning is the confirmation of the idea that for anyone wishing to engage their children in gardening, growing and especially picking blue berries is the world's best method.  It's sunny, but not yet hot.  I'm down on my knees with my head burried in the blue berry bushes, arms threading between branches, fingers reaching delicately to pick the blue ones without dislodging the green ones, and the regular morning noises of birds and passing cars and the mailman passing are going on, but the dominant note is the happy narration coming from Wyatt reporting moment by moment on his activities, his progress, his finds, his successes, his opinion on the  crop, his discoveries with regard to picking technique, his frustration at letting a good one drop...  He becomes aware that his mommy needs to be out here with us not missing out on the fun.  He has been making transport runs from our buckets to the kitchen.  On the next one, he brings her back with him.  A third bucket is on the scene!

Our bushes keep our three buckets busy for about an hour.  Weighing our haul, after offering handfulls to the mail man, our neighbors and their children, and dipping in by some of the pickers, we gathered three quarts of blueberries this morning from our front yard!  We say our thanks and appreciation for our wonderful blueberry bushes.

And then Ingrid turns to harvesting kale.  I'm having green smoothies every morning and we often have it at dinner, but even so, we haven't yet used up the last pickings we froze.  Today, we'll take some over to Ingrid's mother.  Ingrid is mildly complainting that the goldfinches have made the leaves ugly.  A pile of rejects sits on a chair.  I note that I think the little holes they make inbetween the veins of the plant make the leaves pretty, like lace, and that I like knowing we shared our meals with the birds.  She has a change of heart, gathers up the rejects and piles them on top of her overflowing bowl of kale leaves.  Nana's kale and my morning smoothies and more are well provided for.

Next, the rhubarb is going gangbusters so it's time to make strawberry rhubarb pie.  Ingrid goes to work clipping leaves and I ask if, in addition, we can make my very favorite treat (although strawberry rhubarb pie is a really close second): blueberry coffee cake.

So it's the end of May and our beloved garden is generously giving and giving and giving.  The corn, the brocolli, the carrots, the beats, the pumpkins, tomatoes, lettuce and potatoes all look ready to give a plenty in their turn.  Nature is so good to us!  Even our struggling watermelon plant may have finally turned the corner!