Keeping Our Schools Trash Free

Keeping our Public Schools Trash Free

Keeping our Public Schools Trash Free

Ingrid came home with Wyatt after playing at our school playground one day to report she had spent the last forty-five minutes picking up trash.  She said Wyatt got into the act and then a couple of his friends who happened to be there also got involved.  Soon they had a minor army cleaning up the school!  On one hand it was shocking, she said, how much litter there was everywhere.  It made her feel like the kids completely had no awareness when it came to throwing trash on the ground.  The litter habit seemed to be running rampant.  On the other hand, it was remarkable how easily the childrens' awareness was engaged  and how eagerly they helped in the clean up when given the right opportunity.  The key seemed to be that she never asked them to clean up; she just started doing it and then the kids all thought it looked like fun.

After telling me this story, Ingrid went to the computer and promptly ordered two trash picker-uppers.  Ever since they arrived, everytime we go to the playground to play, we bring a bucket and our picker-uppers.  It's a great way to pass time while one's kids are digging in the dirt and it frequently engages the interest of other parents who happen to be passing by.  

We're not sure where we're going with this, but we're watering this little seed of an idea and seeing what grows!

If you want to get your own trash picker-upper, we got ours HERE!

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