Welcome to the Edson Family Garden Almanac!  This is our first entry.  Over time, we'll probably revisit things we've learned and experienced in our yard that we want to remember and ...

This lake is definitely my safe place and so is my boy.  I hope I am and always will be ...

This video is just a mashup of a bunch of random video clips of our son, Wyatt, but it has a few shots of one of our first "hatched' monarch butterflies, which Wyatt named "Cactus Flower."  The ...

Wyatt's first year at the cabin.  He loved jumping off the raft, playing at the lake beach, playing with Wild Grandpa's dog, Gordie, and running through the woods.  The title is the truest ...

Part 2 of our Yosemite 2016 Trilogy: The lovely Mirror Lake Trail!  There is something about walking beside the Merced river through the heart of the Yosemite Valley that puts one deep in the ...
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